School is about to start again (or has already started) and even though I’m not going back to school, it feels like the perfect time to talk about organization. I’m an absolute sucker for stationary, lists and anything mildly related to it. Something that combines all of these things is a bullet journal.

For a long time my notebooks were an absolute mess. I had so many and each of them had a bit of everything in it; especially all my lists were scattered everywhere. A few months ago I decided to sort it out and get a couple of new notebooks fresh start and everything.

So now I have three main notebooks: an A6 spiral one with all my blogpost ideas in it, a Moleskine A5 one that I use as a diary (even though I’m very bad at actually writing in it) and my bullet journal.

My bullet journal

I use another Moleskine soft cover A5 one as my bullet journal. I chose one with dotted pages because it’s the least distracting while writing or drawing in it. The pages are a bit see-through but it’s manageable as long as you avoid really dark markers.

Inside you’ll find yearly and monthly overviews, daily todos and all sorts of lists and trackers. At the very beginning is an overview of 2017. After that comes the table of content; the lists I already ticked off completely are crossed out, so it’s clearer.


After keeping a bullet journal for almost two years I finally got a good idea, what I really need and use and what is unnecessary especially when it comes to the beginning of a new month.

Every new chapter starts with a monthly overview. I don’t really use them (mostly because I don’t have many important dates or appointments at the moment), so they got smaller and smaller over the month.

Following the overview, there’s space for finances, my monthly blogging schedule and my monthly mixtape.


When it comes to my daily (bzw. weekly) todos, I kept the same system very much from the beginning. The current week on top, then two columns with the date, the day and then my todos. At the moment I’m trying something new with a general todo list for the whole week and certain todos on specific days not too thrilled about it, actually.

Lists and Trackers

On the last picture you can already see one of the lists I’m currently keeping: a year in pixel. Every square is a day and you color it in with a color that reflects your mood that day or the day in general. I saw it a picture of it on Tumblr once and thought it was a really cute idea, so with the start of September it got a place in my bullet journal.

Other lists I have are books to read, series (and films) to watch and accompanying that an episode tracker. There are also lists for cleaning up, packing or the stuff I had to study for my A-levels. Also, the roadtrip got a little special.

Pens and Stuff

When it comes to designing the inside might already be able to tell that I’m not the biggest fan of color or details in general. Sometimes there are special headlines but that’s about it when it comes to decorating.

For writing, I use the Pilot BP-S fine in black (sometimes in green or red as well). For most of the headlines I use the Staedtler pigment liner 0.5 and in some cases an Edding. Other essentials are sticky notes in different sizes and a ruler. I also really like the Stabilo Boss Original text markers in pastel colors but I don’t use them too often, actually.


That’s about it. There’s not much to it and it’s nothing special, but it might give you some inspiration to get yourself organized again (or change your routine a bit).

How do you organize yourself? Are you a bigger fan of using your phone and apps or good, old notebooks? Let me know.

Love, Jacky N.

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