In the last few months I had a lot of time. Also, a few months ago I got a Netflix account. You can probably guess in what that resulted. So, here’s a little list with some series I recently watched or am currently watching.


Game of Thrones

I mean, that one is rather obvious; how could you not watch Game of Thrones? The latest season started in the middle of July and I’m so sad that there’s only one season left (and it’s coming out in 2019; a fact that does not help at all) but at least there’s a lot to rewatch over and over again.

And for everyone that just starts watching it: don’t be put of by the pilot; there’s not that much sex and violence in the rest of it. I mean, there’s still a lot, but it gets better.


Black Sails

I feel like Black Sails isn’t that well known; I, at least, haven’t heard of it before. I randomly found a GIF set of it on Tumblr and weeks later I finally looked it up. Now it’s definitely up there on top of my favourites list together with Game of Thrones.

For those of you, who don’t know the series, it’s the prequel to Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. I didn’t know that when I started watching it, so you don’t need to know what’s happening in the book to understand it. It might even be good when you don’t know the book so you don’t know who’s going to survive.


Gilmore Girls

Same as Game of Thrones, a series that most of you probably already know. I really loved it; there’s something really cosy and familiar about it and by now I wouldn’t mind living in a city like Stars Hollow.

I was so sad when I finished it. At least there’s the revival from Netflix, even though I’m not too sure what I think of it. But I just have to mention the Life-and-Death-Bregade-scene in the autumn episode; I absolutely loved it and rewatched just that particular scene probably a bit too many times.


Good Witch

A perfect match for autumn and probably not as well known as the rest of my list. I saw it in someone’s Instagram story and a couple of days later I started watching it. And, again, two days later I was already finished.

Good Witch is a good series to watch while doing something else; there are no massive or complicated story lines and there’s never any mayor drama. Just a nice, relaxing series for fall.

After finishing the first season, I found out that there are eight or nine movies which take place before the series. I haven’t watched them (yet) and there are a few bits in the series more in the second season than the first one- that would have made more sense if I’d watched the movies beforehand, especially when it comes to the actual magic part. So, you should at least look up some summaries of the movies or watch them to fully understand everything.


Gossip Girl

And here’s the one I’m currently watching and by currently I mean I’m actually watching it while I write. Again, nothing new and most of you have probably already seen it, but mentioning it one more time won’t hurt. As well as Good Witch and Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl is a good show to watch on the side. It doesn’t have the most complicated plot lines to follow or catch up again.

I started it on Monday (I think) and I’m already at the end of season 3; as I said at the beginning, I have a lot of time.


A few other series I wanted to mention are DaVinci’s Demons, Reign and Penny Dreadful. They’re all really good, but I’m the worst, when it comes to keeping up with still ongoing series, so I just stopped watching them at some point.


What are your favourite series or the ones you’re currently watching? Let me know in the comments.

Love, Jacky N.

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