You know how some people say their year starts again on the first of February? Well, I guess mine starts again on the 19th of March.

For more than a month I have been almost completely absent from Instagram and even longer from the blog. Definitely something I did not see coming. But, as many times before, life had other plans.


I don’t think I mentioned it anywhere beside one post on my Instagram story, but since mid-january I’ve been looking for a new job. And trust me, it did not go as planned. I stopped counting how many applications i wrote and the refusals that followed. I actually did have a lot of interviews, but somehow it still wouldn’t work out.

It really got to me. Not only because two months without a proper routine aren’t as fun as you’d imagine, but also because some other plans I have for later this year were more and more at risk due to me not finding a job (and earning money).
Overall I wasn’t necessarily in a bad mood, but deep down there was always this constant worry and fear.

And with all that on my mind, i really couldn’t be bothered to sit down and write blogposts or post pretty pictures on Instagram. So, I distanced myself a bit from everything and I realised it’s not as important or life-changing as I made it out to be.

The time away from the whole blogger-world left room for many other activities. I sewed a lot of things (and even more fabric is waiting for me), I started to draw again and a few days ago I finally picked a book back up.


But back to the main reason I’m writing this: I finally got a new job! As you could have guessed from the beginning – I’ll start tomorrow and I’m really excited. Not only because I’ll finally earn money again, but also I’ll have my beloved routine back. I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m someone who needs routine in their life and it’s kinda hard to stick to one when you don’t have any responsibilities.


Now on to another question: How will I continue with the blog and Instagram?

As I said before, in the time without blogging, I picked up a lot of other things which I want to keep doing. I’ll also work full time,

so there isn’t a lot of time left.I’ll just post whenever I feel like it. This might be every other day or maybe twice a month. However it will turn out, it will be okay.

I always planned out the blogposts for the entire month in advance, and most of the time I didn’t feel like writing them when the time came (which you can definitely tell), so I really want to try to wr

ite stuff I really want to write and put out there.Same goes for Instagram: There might be times when I’ll post a new picture every day and some times when I’ll only post like once a week. And as I said before, however it will turn out, it will be okay.


So, now the plan for this year stands and I’m really excited to see how everything turns out. I’m just going to predict it now: this will be an absolutely amazing and possibly very important year. Definitely looking forward to it!

Love, Jacky N.

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