Can you believe that the first month of 2018 is already over? It feels just like yesterday that we all started into the new year with high hopes and a ton of motivation. Although January was a bit of a strange month and probably won’t be my favourite this year, I did listen to a lot of music. So, it’s time for another monthly playlist.


This playlist does a really good job at showing the very diverse music genres I like to listen to.


On the one hand, we have the rather slow, kinda sad songs like “Sedated” by Hozier, “Stay” by Hurts or “After Rain” by Dermot Kennedy.

On the other hand, I listened to a lot of german rap this month. Of course, there are many Alligatoah songs – I’ve liked his music for many years by now and those short phases, where I listen to nothing else, happen every few months.

I also started to listen to more of Kontra K’s songs. I have to be honest here, I’m still not quite sure what I think about this development. I already put “2 Seelen” on my September playlist – I still absolute love it. What I enjoy the most about his music – same goes for Alligatoah – are the lyrics. I’m in general more of lyrics-over-melody person.



Another massive part of this month was The Greatest Showman. It’s by far the best movie I have seen in a long time and I definitely want to go back and watch it again. Besides the amazing plot and my love for everything circus-related, the soundtrack is so good!

My two favourites are “The Other Side” and “From now on” (my love for this one is also heavily influenced by the movie scene – it might even be my favourite scene in the whole movie).



Last month I already gushed about Red Velvet. Well, they happened to have another comeback at the end of January. I haven’t got around to listen to the whole album, but I already love their single “Bad Boy“.

Also, I might had another Mika dance party, so couldn’t possible not include some of his songs.

And to end it, by far the most ridiculous song on this month’s playlist: “Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’” from Teen Beach Movie.



What songs did you listen to in January? Let me know in the comments.

Love, Jacky N.

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