At the end of August I went away for a little road trip for a week to try to see as many lakes as possible. Today I’m showing you the first five of them with loads of pictures and all kinds of information. This post is about the Königssee, Obersee, Hintersee, Achensee and the Sylvensteinspeicher.

Before we get properly into this, I wanted to say that I’m trying to keep this rather short and informative, without most of the chit chat. I’m planing to post four main parts about all our stops and a fifth one with a little conclusion and a travel video. But now, let’s start.

Königssee and Obersee

The Königssee and the Obersee are both in the Nationalpark Berchtesgarden in Bavaria. The Königssee is the bigger one and lies in front of the Obersee. To get to the other side of the lake – and to get to the Obersee – you have to go by boat. Try to get there as early as possible because later on in the day, there are a lot of people.


parking prices: 1 hour €2,-, 3 hours €4,-, 1 day €5,-

Boat tours

To get to the wharf (Königssee Seelände) follow Seestraße; it takes you about 5 minutes.

from 8:30 to 16:45 (13.05 – 03.10), at least every 30 minutes
prices: €17,80 (adult; Königssee Seelände → Salet Königssee Seelände)
length: 55min (one way)



wharf → Obersee: ~15min
OberseeFischunkelalm: ~45min
OberseeRöthbachfall: ~1h 15min

We didn’t walk any further than just to the Obersee, because it started pouring down rain, so I can’t tell you anything about the two hiking paths; the time is from the signs there.


The Hintersee is also in the Nationalpark Berchtesgarden and a 25 minute drive away from the Königssee.


There are a lot of parking lots around the Hintersee; you have to pay for most of them. We parked on a dirt spot next to the road because we didn’t want to go around the whole lake again to an actual parking lot.


At the lake, we went counterclockwise through a really nice forest bit and along the shore. There are a lot of rocks you can climb on and it’s definitely worth going off the path (you’re like 5 meters next to it, so it shouldn’t be a big deal). Sadly, we weren’t lucky with the weather, so we didn’t get too far.

In general, I would recommend start at the north-eastern side because it looked more exciting than the other sides. Also, on this side of the lake is the Zauberwald which sounds pretty awesome to me.



Due to my questionable time management and the bad weather, we didn’t get around to actually hike in the Achensee-area; we only stopped along the road to take some pictures.
I really enjoyed driving the road next to the lake. You have a great view over the lake and area around it and there are many little spots to stop alongside the road. I recommend to drive from north to south because they’re all (obviously) on the lake side.




The Sylvensteinspeicher is a artificial lake in Bavaria. Especially the bridge that goes over it is really well known – at least on Instagram. There are parking lots on both ends of the bridge; we stopped at the one on the northern side. There’s also a little path up a hill through the foresty bit to get a good shot of the bridge from above.


Have you’ve been to any of these lakes before or have you heard of them? Any other tips for day trip destinations in this area? Let me know in comments.

Love, Jacky N.

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