Last summer my friend Paula and I decided rather spontaneously to drive around 1.000 km to see a bridge. Since then our list of destinations steadily grew and now, after again a rather short time of planning, the day for a new road trip has come.


The Route

Since you’re able to save pictures on Instagram I’ve grown the habit of saving almost every pretty picture of a mountain lake I come across, and by now, there are a lot of them. Thankfully Paula is as passionate about nice looking lakes as I am, so it was foreseeable that we had to see them at some point in real life.

When we met to plan a few day trips I suggested that we could do a few longer trips, like two or three days, and then it suddenly became this one big six-day-roadtrip with possibly to many things to see.

1. Königssee, Obersee → 2. Hintersee → 3. Achensee, Seecamping Wimmer → 4. Sylvensteinspeicher → 5. Leutascher Geisterklamm → 6. Partnachklamm → 7. Eibsee → 8. Camping Rossbach → 9. Area 47 → 10. Drachensee → 11. Rätikoncamping → 12. Lünersee → 13. Int. Camping Oylmpia → 14. Lago di Braies → 15. Hallstatt → 16. Gosauseen → 17. Kammersee


All our destinations are in (or around) the west of Austria, which is pretty handy and made planning a lot easier. We’ll be on the road for six days, and we’ll be driving around 1.700 km, but I know us, so we will get lost at some point or another for sure, so it will definitely be a bit more than that.

There will be more posts about the individual spots afterwards with directions, prices, the time spent hiking and of course lots of pretty pictures.


How to come up with a route

Before we really get into this even though there’s not much to it I want to say, that I personally think it’s way easier to plan a route with an actual map than on screen. Besides the map can be quite useful on the actual road trip afterwards.

First, you obviously need the places you want to see. Look up where they are (roughly) and mark them on your map. You should be able to already see an order.

Before you decide how many and which places to see on a single day, research how long you will probably spend at each spot. With your newly found information, bundle them into manageable groups and start looking for accommodations.

Personally I’m an absolute camping enthusiast, so it was never really a question where to stay. We used the ECC camping guide to look up campsites and it’s really easy to handle; you can choose between all kinds in all price ranges. There’s also a website if you don’t want to buy one.

As for the last step I would suggest you’ll write down how long you’ll drive between each spot, how much time you spent there and how long it will take you to get your accommodation. Make sure you’ll be there in time before the check-in time is over and that’s it.


As I mentioned before, in the next few weeks there’ll be a few posts about the road trip with all kinds of information you want and need. In the meantime, make sure to follow me on Instagram, because I’ll try to post as much as possible in my story.

There might be another post on Thursday and if not, I’ll be back on Sunday with my monthly playlist for August!

Love, Jacky N.

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