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cosy autumn watches

It’s no surprise that autumn is my favourite season, and not only because of the beautiful colours and spur of inspiration that always comes this time of the year, but also because now you can stay inside, bundle up with a bunch of blankets and not feel bad about it. So, I’m here to help…


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Well, turns out I’m not too good with time management. Especially when there’s a big thing waiting at the horizon. And that big thing is actually already here. The next adventure has begun.

monthly mixtape // january 2018

Can you believe that the first month of 2018 is already over? It feels just like yesterday that we all started into the new year with high hopes and a ton of motivation. Although January was a bit of a strange month and probably won’t be my favourite this year, I did listen to a…

18 facts about me

I’ve been in the blogging world for more than 4 years by now and in all this time I’ve never done one of the most cliche posts ever: facts about me. I decided that the time for that has finally come, so here are 18 facts about me!

road trippin’ // Drachensee

Today I show you the second to last stop from our summer road trip: the Drachensee in Tyrol. It was one of my favourite stops and also the only one that came close to actual hiking. If you want to see more pictures and learn about the hardships you have to conquer to get there,…