With the new season laying ahead of us, and it conveniently being my favourite season fashion wise, I thought, it would be a good opportunity to bring some new pieces into my wardrobe and change things up a bit.

When you look into my closet you find basics, loose fits and muted colours. I haven’t been big on accessories in the last few years either. I like simple clothes; things you throw on and you’re somewhat put together without having to think too much about it. So, you can basically say that my “style” is pretty boring.


Coats and Jackets

Besides the obvious reason that it’s getting colder outside day by day and therefore you need a jacket, I also want to start seeing them as actual fashion items and not just as something you need. I don’t think I’ve ever put much thought into what jacket or coat I’m wearing and if it fits the rest of my outfit. And even if it wouldn’t fit, I’ve never had a big collection to choose from anyway.

The main reason why I started to think more about jackets is probably the checked-blazer-trend right now; I’m already looking for one. I also found a really nice sewing pattern for a coat, so that will probably be the next project. Maybe you’ll even get an outfit post when it’s done.

1. coat – 2. blazer – 3. blazer – 4. coat



Same thing as with coats and jackets; never thought too much about shoes, they’re just something that you need. And again, same as with coats and jackets, I want to change that.

I want to get away from just sneakers (I do love my faithful chucks, tho) and get some smart shoes™. I’ve got one pair for my oral exams and I love how they look with a high waisted skirt, so why not get some more.

Chelsea boots with a chunky heel and sole have been on my wishlist for a couple of years by now, so they definitely deserve to be mentioned. I really want to learn to walk with heels in general and those would be a good start.

1. chelsea boots – 2. lace-up shoes – 3. lace-up shoes – 4. sneakers – 5. chelsea boots


Skirts and Dresses

I love dresses, skirts and tights way more than jeans, but I don’t wear them that often. Most of the time it’s because I’d feel a bit overdressed. I do start to work next week, so I finally got a good reason to look somewhat put together again. Therefore, the amount of skirts and dresses is definitely going to increase.

My absolute favourite are circle skirts. They’re perfect to hide a bit of stomach and hip, and most importantly, they’re super easy to sew. I’ve got a ton of different fabrics at home, which only wait to be made into skirts.

I’m planing on posting a DIY guide to circle skirts at some point next month (hopefully), so look forward to that.

1. skirt – 2. plissee skirt – 3. shirt dress – 4. skirt – 5. skirt – 6. dress



As I mentioned at the beginning, I like neutral colours; black, white, beige, grey, dark blue and green. That’s basically it. And I’m not going to start wearing the entire rainbow, but I want to include more splashes of colour into my wardrobe.

I’m planing on going mostly for more yellow. Not only because it’s very seasonally appropriate, but also because it’s just a nice, happy colour. I’m blaming the love for yellow a bit on dodie.

1. cropped jumper – 2. blouse – 3. rain coat – 4. blouse – 5. jumper



I mentioned this at the beginning as well, I’m not the biggest fan of accessories. When it comes to jewellery it’s mostly because I feel like it’s too much effort and gets annoying over time. I do like the look of it tho, especially rings. I started to wear some bits, like earrings and chokers, and maybe someday I’ll get there.

When it comes to other accessories, I’m a huge fan of massive scarves that are more like blankets and this won’t change anytime soon. Also, a beret; think about it.

1. hat – 2. choker – 3. arm cuff – 4. scarf – 5. ring – 6. ring – 7. ring – 8. beret – 9. watch


Those were just some ideas for a style evolution. I’m not going to start wearing skin tight clothes or get rid of my way too big jumpers, tho. Because sometimes you just need to drown in a massive, soft hoodie.

But I do want to get rid of some of my clothes, so keep an eye on my Kleiderkreisel account; some pieces should be up in the following days.


What things do you want to try or change when it comes to fashion? Let me know in the comments.

Love, Jacky N.



One thought on “changing things up a bit – autumnal fashion inspiration”

  1. We’re def having a similar style! I personally love a bright yellow item! Therefore, I own a rain jacket which looks nearly the same as the one you featured in this post.
    I’m actually writing on a fashion wishlist, so if you’re interested, there’ll be a post up next Tuesday!
    Lena xx

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