Since I restarted blogging, I more often than not realised that I’m struggling with writing and getting words out, which is pretty unfortunate. I put off blogposts again and again because I didn’t know how to start or what to write in general, which lead to pauses that weren’ t planned. And to kick that writing blockade in the butt, why not write about writing.


I always liked words. I can’t remember a point in my life where I didn’t like books, even though there were certain periods, where I didn’t read for a long time. Reading all sorts of different stories and writing my own. Letting my thoughts flow on paper without thinking twice about it. Just writing things down.

This love only grow when I found myself on the internet. I discovered fanfictions, stories written by people who love the same characters as I do, putting them in all sorts of scenarios. Later on I discovered my massive weakness for all sorts of quotes and poetry, wandering through the endless world of spilled ink and excerpts from books that will never be written. And two years ago, I went to my first poetry slam.

There’s something about written words that gets too me. Far more than any sorts of visuals ever could. I’ve always been on Team “book over movie”

And with all that said, it’s not surprising that one of my biggest hobbies is to write on here, but I’m not sure that’s enough.

I want to paint pretty pictures in someone’s head with my words, I want to make them feel something and think about what they just read, how they can relate to it. I want to write things that might not make sense at first, but leave room for interpretations and get one’s imagination going to find their own personal meaning of it.

But that’s not something I’m currently doing. Of course, I like to write about fashion, traveling or organisation. Everything that has ever been published on here is something I really enjoy, but sometimes the words just won’t come out. And I think you can definitely tell when I was struggling, when I was just slamming words into my keyboard to get it done. I’m bad at filling a space with words just for the sake of it.

I’d love to include more of these sorts of blogposts on here, but I wouldn’t know topics to write about. I’d love to write about feelings and experiences, but I feel like my life is just a bit too boring for that. I don’t have strong opinions on many topics or useful tips and advice. And even though vanity is something highly associated with bloggers, myself is not something I want to constantly write about.

The thing I love the most about these type of texts is that they’re something that just happens. There just needs to be a tiny moment or action that could set off a pages long text, written in the span of half an hour or less. This one right here only came to life because I was writing in my journal about how I was struggling with writing at the moment.

I feel like I’m floating, trying to grasp onto all sorts of ideas and inspirations but never quite getting a hold on anything. Maybe a small glimpse, but not enough to set something big off. And while I try to sort out all the tiny bits and pieces on my mind, I’ll get over that writing blockade and learn how to write a damn recipe post in the meantime.

Love, Jacky N.

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