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autumn in a cup – autumnal drinks

One of my favourite things about this season are all the spices and flavours, that are too heavy for summer but perfect for colder days. There’s just something so cozy and calming about them. And they’re especially calming in form of (preferably) hot drinks. So, to end October on a high, I’ve got seven recipes…

autumn spice cake

Ending my last post with a little joke on not knowing how to write recipe posts, I did not expect the next one to actually be a recipe. But due to bad time management, underestimating work and wanting to get something out there, I decided to bless you all with this autumn spice cake instead…

let’s write about writing

Since I restarted blogging, I more often than not realised that I’m struggling with writing and getting words out, which is pretty unfortunate. I put off blogposts again and again because I didn’t know how to start or what to write in general, which lead to pauses that weren’ t planned. And to kick that…

autumn minestrone

To kick off the ton of autumnal recipes I’ve got planned, I chose something simple and everyone’s favourite during the colder season: soup. This autumn minestrone is packed with all sorts of veggies to get you ready for all the freezing days ahead of us.