Recently I’ve seen a few posts and stories about the realness on Instagram (or more the lack of it) and I started to think quite a lot about it. It probably took me a bit too long to realise that I have in fact a space on the world wide web where I can just dump my thoughts, so that’s exactly what I’m doing today. Let’s talk about it.


Before I get properly into this, I want to say that I’m well aware that there are many people who have not the best or questionable intentions; there will always be black sheep. But in this one, I’m talking about the good (or just not as bad) eggs on Instagram.


The thing is, you can share whatever you want on the internet – in this particular case Instagram – and you are the only person who decides that. If someone chooses to share their love for beauty and fashion, that’s fine. If someone wants to share recipes and other food pics, totally okay. If someone wants to share travel inspirations, nothing wrong with that. If someone wants to build a perfect, little life on their account, that’s their – and only their – decision.

Everyone can choose what to share and what not.

And that’s the key point here: everyone can choose what to share and what not.
I’m sure, there will always be parts, that no one really wants on the internet. For some those parts might be bigger than for others – another important point here. You’ll never get to see every aspect of a person on their social media profiles. The basic beauty blogger could have a whole library at home and choose not to share it on the internet. They could be really into painting and other crafts and choose not to share it on the internet. They could be a god damn mechanic in their spare time and choose not to share it on the internet.

And the perfect life you see through pictures probably isn’t that perfect, but it they choose to portray it that way, it’s their decision. So, I wouldn’t necessarily say Instagram is fake; it’s just not everything. And you shouldn’t forget that.


Another point very close to “the lack of realness” is the perfect feed. Again, main point here is that if someone decides to design their feed a particular way, than it’s totally and only up to them.

On this one I want to talk about myself a bit more. For me, a matching feed is the main part of Instagram. I don’t care much about realness or descriptions, I’m in for pretty pictures.

I love to go through pictures to find the one’s matching my colour scheme or take new ones and planing my feed in advance so everything goes together. I like to look for quotes to slap under almost all of my pictures because that’s – surprise, surprise – the thing I choose to do on my Instagram account. It’s fun and I like the end product.
If I want to post selfies with bad quality, certain memories or my everyday life, which rarely happens anyway, I have my second account or choose another platform altogether. It’s not something I want to or feel the need to share on my main account. And that’s totally fine.

Obviously after that it’s not surprising that pretty pictures and a consistent feed are the main reasons for me to follow an account. It’s the thing I enjoy the most on the app, so I want to fill it with that.


If you want to share the real life, raw and unedited, than go for it; no one is stopping you. But don’t expect the same from everyone else, because it might not be the thing they want to put out there and you’re in no position to judge them for it.

What do you think about this whole topic? Is realness something important for you or do you care more about the pictures? How do you handle it on your account? Let me know in the comments.

Love, Jacky N.

One thought on “realness on Instagram”

  1. Liebe Jacky,

    dieses Thema beschäftigt auch mich schon länger.. Ich finde ich es nicht schlimm, wenn man nicht alles teilt – im Gegenteil. Privatsphäre ist und bleibt hoffentlich ein wichtiger Bestandteil in unserer Gesellschaft, man muss sich halt dementsprechend auch im Hinterkopf behalten, dass man eben nur das sieht (auch in anderen Formen der Medien) was gezeigt werden möchte. Das was ich hingegen schrecklich finde, ist, wenn man z.B. Schönheitsidealen so stark nacheifert, dass man auf IG plötzlich nur noch den perfekten Body zeigen kann – und das mithilfe von Photoshop und co.
    Ein sehr gelungener Text, das Lesen hat mir wirklich Freude bereitet und mich zum Nachdenken angeregt, weiter so!

    Schönen Sonntag noch!

    Liebe Grüße,
    Julia von

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