Summer has been here for a couple of weeks and as much as I despise the heat there’s one good thing about it: adventure season is on! The list of places in and around Austria I want to see this summer is long, but I could already check off a few of them. Today I want to show you the first one: the Kuhflucht waterfalls in Farchant, Bavaria.


The Kuhflucht waterfalls are a group of three waterfalls which drop a total of 270m.

Funnily enough, last summer I was already quite close to the Kuhflucht waterfalls when I visited two gorges in the area, but back then I didn’t know about it. But you do now, so it would be perfect for a bigger day trip.



There’s a big parking lot next to the community pool in Farchant where the hiking trail starts. Parking there is free.


In the middle of the long side of the parking lot, there’s an old float and a big sign with a drawing of the trail and leaflets. From there the woodland experience trail starts which is quite fun even if you’re not in the targeted age group (aka children) any more.

Along the way to the waterfalls, there are a ton of opportunities to go down to the water and climb around, which also means there are tons of perfect photo locations.

It takes around 45 minutes to get to the first of the three waterfalls, There’s a bridge and a shed from which you can take pictures of the waterfall quite nicely.

When you cross the bridge, there are a couple of paths that lead closer to the waterfalls; from there you can see them in their full height. It’s pretty impressive. The trail actually goes on and you can hike to two other view points, but we didn’t go there.

Overall it took us 3 hours with a lot of photo stops. When you leave out all the photo stops, you could definitely do it in about 1,5 hours. And also one of the best things about the Kuhflucht waterfalls: the trail is pretty easy and not exhausting at all.


I really liked the trip and would love to go there again in autumn or winter. It was definitely the right choice to kick off adventure season.

Which adventures did you already go on this summer?

Love, Jacky N.

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